Private Careers Coaching

121 Private coaching frees and unlocks your maximum potential really FAST. It does this through helping you with a carefully customised coaching process, so you will achieve fast your full potential intellectually, financially, physically, spiritually and cognitively.

  • Have you ever realised that even as a child at times you were smarter than your parents and teachers, and had unique insights and faith of your instinct?
  • Have you ever had such a strong feeling to follow your intuition and that was followed by actions and you found that this had the most profound effect on your life, more than any advice you were given by anyone else?

If you did this learn that these were your ALPHA traits!
Our unique private careers coaching service includes, but is not limited to

  • Get into the career of your dreams – we all have to start somewhere, although the earlier that we start, the better there is still always a solution and there is always, always a way forward
  • Move into a new career after having been in a career for a few year, or having studied a subject at university and now deciding that you would like to aim for something different
  • Go forward in your life excelling in absolutely every area and ensuring your work is purposeful and is aligned towards your long term goals
  • Get advice on anything related to ambition, success, life, careers and
    verything in between
  • Move from a stagnant mid level executive position into a fantastic new place of rebranding, repositioning and moving forward into the role of your dreams

Reaching your goals depends on one thing – and that is, how much do you really want it. You can have a multitude of motivations, including how much money you want to make,

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how much happiness and freedom you want, so you can do more things you love, and how much you want to change the environment around you in a way which means something to you.

  • Do you feel that you are a naturally born leader but, had enough as you are still not calling the shots?
  • Do you want to perform at the Elite level in all areas of your life and be the top dog?

If yes, you came to the right place.

If not, and you want to keep underachieving, then this place is not for you.
Leave now.

Alpha Winner Coaching services was created to serve the elite human, the Vitruvian
Master who wants to achieve their absolute best in all areas of their life, become an elite performer who masters the art of life whilst gracefully moving through obstacles and challenges and skillfully learning how to turn every difficult situation into your advantage. Like chess, life is a game to be played to win, and getting to the top is as much about technique and strategy as it is grit, knowing exactly what to do, perseverance and determination.

No matter how determined you are, without the right toolkit, you can’t get to the top of the mountain.

We offer a number of services to assist you whether you are an individual, company, or corporate client.